Friday, February 1, 2008

Math time at our house

We have a schedule. Life flows better when we follow our schedule.

Kids up by 6:30 am
Read-Aloud 6:30-7:00
Family Bible Study 7:00-7:30
Breakfast and morning chores 7:30-8:00

From 8-8:30 the 3 big kids have individual Bible study while I sit with the two little ones for Pre-School/Kindergarten.

At 8:30 the big kids start their Math, while I keep plugging alone with the Littles.

This is where the fun for today's post begins.

I let each Mathematician listen to music (with headphones) while they work. But only for Math, I'm not completely crazy.

This creates (in theory) a quiet environment for us to do phonics, undisturbed.

Yesterday, this came to mind.

Although our choice of music is a little different, I still felt like Robin Williams.


Anonymous said...

you had me laughing! Espcially picturing your kids doing this. By the end I had all three little ones standing and watching! (just keep this one, eventually you will need to post it again for the shopping cart problem!!!)
I don't know how to sign in bellow so I posted anon...
Miss yah,

Jesusfreak said...

Couldn't display this pic or? something with active X

I will need to contact someone to figure out what to do... until then I will contine on teh blog

Kari said...

Toni, this one is too good to miss, here's the link