Sunday, August 18, 2013

In Which Ramona Maintains a Positive Vocabulary in a Negative Situation and Griffin Lends a Helping Hand.

The kids have been amazing with helping out this week while I have been under the weather. Sam and Isaac were upstairs cleaning up Legos while I laid down to take a nap with Ramona. Because Hailey was at work, and Zeke was stinky, Griffin realized he was indeed going to have to change a poopy diaper.

Ever so quietly at first I was pulled from my slumber.

"Mom?" I heard.

Then again, a little louder than before.

"Mom? I hate to wake you but there is poop everywhere and I need your help."

Napping with Ramona is like sleeping in a spider's web. To untangle yourself without waking her is virtually possible.

Ramona followed me to the living room to answer Griffin's plea. In no time at all we had the bulk of the emergency taken care of and were returning to the bedroom to finish our nap.

Cuddled up behind me with her pudgy fingers playing with my hair she commented "That was NOT awesome. That was NOT beautiful."

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Good Mommy


I'm feeding Zeke in the rocking chair in the bedroom. Ramona rolls up with her empty doll stroller.


Ramona: We're two mommies.

Me: Are you a mommy too?

Ramona: Yes

Me: Where is your baby?

Ramona (looking into her empty stroller): I don't know. I better go find her.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Am Progressive #OnlyWhenIWannaBe.

I can't sleep. #SometimesThatHappens.
Between nursing a 5 month old and responding to the 2 year old's "momma? MOMMA!" through the night, I'm not even sure what time it is. Saturday, Sunday? #DaylightSavingsTime.  
I reach for my phone. My constant data retriever. #MyLoyalFriend.
I check Facebook. Not much new between midnight and now. (2am-3am?) #DidIChangeMyClock.
What boring friends I have. #TheLifeOfTheParty #NOT.
I stock my Tiny Tower. I finish a few gold crown levels on Siege Hero. I check Twitter, there's always news there.

I open my YouVersion Bible app to do a little study prompted by a tweet that looks intriguing. @doorposts

Still not working right. Can't seem to access my favorite translation: NIV84. #Delete.# Reinstall.
It's gone. NIV84 has disappeared. #Ermahgerd.
Back to Twitter to learn the version has been made unavailable by Biblica and Zondervan. @Youversion #NIV84.  #TheresAlwaysTheNewNIV.

Whoa. Back up. What?

You can't just change stuff. #MyRules.
I just got used to calling the NIV84 the NIV84.  They tried to pull the wool over my eyes and sneak in their new NIV translation by using the name NIV and changing the old version's name to NIV84. But I'm on to them.  I know.  See how I think?  #ItsPureTorture.

Just like how the Newsboys still call themselves the Newsboys even though there's only one guy left and they don't sound anything like they used to. I guess it was @Peter Furler all along for me. Even VanHalen/Hagar had the decency to change their name. #ButItMattersToMe.
I digress.

I suppose the switch from KJV to NIV was like this for some people way back then. I also, for the record, had a hard time with the new Hymnal when it came out in the early 90's. #LutheranLifer.
It was introduced when I had two very small children and couldn't wrangle them both and the hymnal to follow along for months. #NotAnOctopus.
I was the one still singing the old responses. #OneInEveryCrowd.

Again, digression. #OnARoll.

The Bible doesn't have to be so conversational does it? Isn't there some comfort in the words themselves?  What about memorization? #StuckInMyWays.
At the rate these new translations are flying about, I'm afraid that pretty soon the whole Bible will just be a paraphrase and Jesus will be all emo for going postal in the temple. #IsNothingSacred.

The B-I-B-L-E-N-I-V-8-4 Yes, that's the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E-N-I-V-8-4. #MaybeImJustTired.
If you want me today (tomorrow?) I'll be the one rocking in the corner clutching my guns, ammo, hardcover NIV84, along with my old Newsboys CD's.

#Peace out.