Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet 16

When she finally arrived, she was 9 days late. She was born naturally 26 hours after my water broke, but only after the doctor threatened to do a C-section if she wouldn't hurry up.

When she emerged, all red and feisty, she captured our hearts and changed our lives forever. The day she was born I learned that all my living up till then was in preparation for this...being a Mom. Never in my life had I felt such responsibility, never before had I felt such peace. How those two sensations ever found harmony I'll never know. But they did. Our hearts grew that day, more than I ever thought possible.

We thank God for her. Happy Sweet 16. Our firstborn. Our only daughter. Our Valentine.


Barbara Frank said...

What a nice post. Happy birthday to your daughter. We have a sweet sixteen in our house, and she has been a delight so far. She turns 17 in May, and I hope she stays this sweet :)

Jesusfreak said...