Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Big House

I am content with what I have. Almost to a fault. "We don't need new towels, the ones we got for our wedding 18 years ago still have some life in them." It's the same thing with socks, although I've not yet found a way to make them last 18 years. The kids NEED things though, like when your 14 year old looks like he's trying to bring capri pants for boys into fashion. That's a need.

I'm skeptical when my 16 year old daughter tells me she needs new clothes because I never saw her wear all the clothes I bought from the last buying spree. When I suggest "What about that red shirt with the neck like this and the sleeves that go to here?" She says, "Oh, I forgot about that one." How can someone forget about clothes? She basically wears the same outfits all the time so, tell me, why does she need more? Her floor closet is already littered packed with them. Unlike ME, who can boast of only one hanging rack of clothes instead of 2! Truth be told, the reason it was so easy to clean out that closet was because I kinda forgot about that closet and I hadn't worn, much less seen, any of those clothes for a least a year maybe two. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I am completely content with life in general. When I think about it, I don't NEED for anything. I have shelter, food, great friends, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, too many clothes, a grand collection of "waiting for feet" soccer shoes and a school bus for heaven's sake. WAY more than I need.

That is why this dream is so puzzling to me...

I can't really remember the actual start of the dream but at some point I realize we've moved into a new house. The kitchen is wonderful (It has 2 sinks) and I wonder which I should choose to do the dishes in. I start exploring the cabinets and drawers already stocked with Tupperware storage containers full of pastas, flour, know, the good stuff. All so neat and tidy. As I'm examining the drawers I come to an amazing discovery...I pull on the drawer and it doesn't stop at a mere 18 inches, I can pull it out 5 feet! Look at all that space!

At this point I notice myself carrying a load of laundry and wonder where the laundry chute is. I find it but come to the conclusion that if I put my clothes in there, I may never find them again because I don't know where the basement is. The problem is easily solved when I peek down the chute to find the previous owners hanging out in the laundry room. "Where's the basement door?" I inquire. Right there beside me, I wonder why I didn't notice it before.

Once downstairs and in the laundry room I am pleased with the facilities and start my laundry. There are huge windows above the washer and an air conditioner suspended from the ceiling. I think nothing of it.

In the distance I hear splashing and sounds of children laughing. The basement suddenly transforms into an upscale hotel lobby. Not gaudily decorated, not modern, but simple and uncluttered. Down the hall there are 3 pools (one deep, one shallow and one that has a waterfall). My kids are there but no one is watching the 4 year old and he's heading straight for the deep pool. He falls in but I'm there and fish him out unharmed. I'm grateful there was no I-'-m r-u-n-n-i-n-g b-u-t n-o-t f-a-s-t e-n-o-u-g-h part. This obviously is not one of those kind of dreams.

At this point things get fuzzy and I discover secret rooms, closets filled with stereo equipment, extra bathrooms, and windows that don't open.

I wake up feeling discontent. Mainly about the kitchen.

But honestly, I can't imagine living with windows that don't open.

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Jesusfreak said...

Thanks for sharing... Almost reminded me of the song by Audio Audreniline (Audio A) Big House...maybe all that space is in Heaven?