Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Apparently Mannerless

There are only 12 times a year when I'm really on my game. My thinking is unclouded, I'm quick with the wit (and sarcasm if necessary) and my energy levels hit their peak. It lasts a few days and I look forward to the clarity that it brings, but sometimes am embarrassed by what my quick thinking gets me into . (It does translate into once a month for those of you who may be trying to figure it out.)

I only told you that so I could tell you this story...

I was driving Hayden to his basketball game the other day and came to an intersection at which I needed to turn right. I pulled up along side a car with it's left blinker on, checked traffic and was about to pull out when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the left turning driver leaning over his passenger yelling something at me. By his expressions I was 90% sure he was irate about something. But deep down inside, for a split second, I though maybe someone is hanging off my bumper...maybe I left my purse on the roof...maybe my jacket is hanging outside my door.

I started to roll down my window to find out what this man was saying. Somewhere during this process I realized my jacket was not hanging out the door, there was no purse on the roof and that no one had indeed grasped the bumper for a thrill ride. He was 100%, truly, pissed about something. I could have just driven away (there was no traffic) but for some reason I stayed, window down, waiting for his tirade. He fumbled with his buttons and rolled down every window but the one he had intended to, which made him even more angry.

I waited with an innocent look on my face that asked "Is something hanging on my bumper, is my purse on the roof?" even though I knew that wasn't the case. I couldn't help myself and I really did want to know what I had done that was so wrong.

He started hollering through his open window, "Don't you know you're blocking my view?"

Wow, that was it? I could have been on my way about 30 seconds ago, but now...


My manners?

"Sorry sir." I said very slowly, purposely prolonging his agony, something I normally wouldn't have done.

As I drove away, rolling up my window, I could hear him still spouting obscenities.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have one math lover in the house. He lives, breathes and sweats statistics, numbers, facts, and records.

Last week he finished his math book and much to his disappointment, I didn't have the next one on the shelf. What was I thinking last winter when I only ordered 2 years worth?

Promptly, I placed my order with the company and told Griffin it would take a week to 10 days to receive and that he could have a break from that subject. He was a little bummed until the mail man brought it on Saturday, 3 days after I ordered it.

I was at the grocery store when it arrived and by the time I got home, he had it cracked open and was already completing the 2nd lesson.

I think an intervention may be necessary.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Hard, That's For Sure.

Did you ever have a series of events happen in such rapid succession that you hardly had time to recover from one before the next one hit?

It makes the time fly, that's for sure.

Hailey took this picture of a snowflake during our previous cold snap. I say previous because, after a short reprieve, we're back below zero.

It makes it hard to want to work on the bus, that's for sure.


My Grandma died last week. My Grandpa had passed away a few years ago so, for now, their house stands empty. We stayed there for a few days after she died and it was very comforting to be there. She left notes around the house...attached to newspaper clippings, written on the bottom of the banks she kept for us Grandchildren, neatly clipped together writings about her feelings, reminders jotted and hung on the refrigerator...

Bundles of Reader's Digest dating way back to the sixties are still perched on the basement shelves. The drawers are still organized the same way, I knew exactly where to find string, twist ties and scissors. If Grandpa were still alive, I'm sure there would be Double Mint gum in the drawer just right of the kitchen sink.

My Grandma always let me eat as many slices of toast as I wanted and had Spaghetti O's in the cupboard for lunch. I have her secret chocolate chip recipe, but I never learned how to make tomato jelly.

I buy Listerine because it reminds me of Grandpa and whenever I see a caraway seed, I can hear his voice.

His voice was loud and beautifully baritone. He's using it now to sing love songs to his Bride, who's finally reunited with him in Heaven.

It's hard to let go, that's for sure.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Momentarily Getting My Head Out of the Sand

As you may know, I avoid the news. Most of it is intentionally manufactured to induce fear among the masses or it's just too depressing. I have a hard enough time staying positive for my family without concerning myself with the freak accident that happened in California or where ever.

I stumbled upon this blog today concerning the CPSIA and am appalled. There has to be WAY more thought put into legislation.

Go ahead Google "cpsia" ,"cpsia and thrift" or "cpsia and homeschooling" and see for yourself.

Read the law here and take note of how much will be considered illegal starting Feb. 10, 2009.

In a nutshell, all products marketed for children under age 12 must be tested for lead content. No longer will you be able (as the law is now written) to purchase new items (clothing, toys...)not tested, or donated items at a thrift shop, consignment store or GARAGE SALE! Legally, I'm reading, you can't even hand-me-down clothes to another family without breaking the law. You could be slapped with fines of up to $100,000 and charged with a felony.

This also includes (as per page 24 of the law) educational materials. I'm wondering...will I be able to resell my grade school kid's math books when I'm done with them? Will I be able to buy used books? How will the libraries function? Or do they not consider what's inside to be educational?

This, my folks is a scary thing.

Please tell me this is all a bad dream, I don't even want to think about it anymore...