Friday, February 29, 2008

Quiet Time

I believe that you should start your days off right. Calm, relaxed, quiet...I enjoy reading blogs while Matt gets ready for work and then we sit together sipping our coffee while his car warms up. Sometimes I feel irritated if someone gets up early and starts talking to me before I have this quiet time.

Setting: Living room with only the dim light of the computer glowing in the corner. Background noise consists of aquarium pump and van idling in the driveway. Time 5:30 am.

Matt: Make sure you have the kids shovel this morning before the snow gets all tracked down.

Me: Oh, rats... We should have gotten them a new ice chopper last night. They say they want a chopper like Ken's.

(Date night last night consisted of dinner and Fleet Farm)

Me: (still talking...) Oh yeah, and Hailey would like a new broom. We couldn't find them at the store last week, can you believe Shopko doesn't carry brooms?

Me: (still talking) Oh and Hayden says I got him the wrong dish soap, I vaguely remembered at the store that this kind leaves his dish rag slimy.

Matt: Well, okay, gotta go...Have a good day.

Me: (walking Matt to the door) You too. What do you want for supper? I was thinking I'd make home made pizza... Don't slam the door... I love you, have a great day.

How I do love quiet time. I bet Matt does too.

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