Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deal of the Century

For those of you that are frugal, hold on to your hats. If amazing deals do not trip your trigger walk away now, this post is not for you.

We're waiting on our stimulus check to purchase a few needed high price items. A new mattress in particular. Ours is saggy and has divets not unlike Norman Bates' mothers. Matt and I argue over who gets the good side when it's time to flip and or turn it. Right now, I've got the bad side.
But I digress...we need a new mattress. Our old one will go out on the bus where it will be very well supported by plywood and much more comfortable than an air mattress.

Yesterday we were working at a fundraising brat fry (Go NEWCHAA Eagles!) when a friend of mine got a call from an insider at a local thrift store. WG & R had just dropped off new, unused, discontinued mattresses, is anyone looking for one?

We stopped to check them out on the way home. Yes, indeed they did have a one queen size Simmons Beautyrest World Class Pillow Top dream model with a reasonable pricetag. Still too much for me to spend without first conferring with Matt, I asked if they held furniture. I was informed that yes they would but only until closing of the same day which would be in an hour. Then, with a wink and a nod the cashier signaled for me to come closer, lowered her voice and presented me this tidbit. "Everything is 50% off in furniture tomorrow, we open at 10"

I was positively giddy!

Leary of who else she might have told the same information, My peon ( "I had plans Mom.")and I were waiting outside the door at 9:45 am, 2nd in line.

After we had safely procured the mattress and were heading out the door I spied a lift chair that would benefit my grandma tremendously. Knowing that my mom was looking for one I called her and asked her to come and check it out. And also, if she could bring Dad and his truck as the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Pillow Top mattress would NOT fit in the van. What can I say, I was not thinking clearly.

Dad tested the chair mechanisms and Mom examined it for decrepitude and smell. It passed with flying colors.

What did we spend?
Mattress = $75.00 (Retail $1,200)
Lift Chair = $40.00

With that huge savings, maybe we'll be able to fuel up the bus and take her somewhere this summer!

Off to bed!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life Through The Eyes Of A 4 Year Old Photographer Part 2

This next batch of images is a little more random than the first. I call this series Piles.

The start (and probably end...) of our 1000 paper cranes school project.

My ink refill supplies.

My paper recycling basket
Next in the series we'll explore My Favorite Things.

Griffin's Silly Putty. (Oh what fun a dollar can bring)

Current favorite book.

Netflix movie.

Yellow car

Yellow car different background. (Honest, that's all construction dust!)


Nerf Shooter with Whistling darts and Indiana Jones hat

Self portrait #1

Self portrait #2
He asks now before he takes the camera. I let him but usually have one of the big kids follow him around.

All his pictures are special as I get a glimpse inside his little head, but this first batch, taken on his own, without my knowledge, with innocence and no preconceptions of what's appropriate or what will make us laugh will always mean a little more to me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Psst...Come Closer

I'm whispering.

They're here early. I feel like locking the door and pretending I'm not home. I have to get dressed now. I missed my opportunity for a shower. Do you think they'd really know I am home?

I know, it'll look so nice when it's all done but I feel a little on the cranky side this morning. Probably because of the rain at the soccer game last night. Just enough to get wet.

Oh, but wait. Did you see that rainbow?!?! Double. From the game I was at we could see the whole arc. Both of them! It was amazing but I didn't have my camera.

I feel better now, thanks for reminding me of the beauty amidst the yuck of life.

C'mon in, I think I'll make some cookies.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Life Through The Eyes Of A 4 Year Old Photographer

My 4 year old, in the confusion that remodeling can bring, took the opportunity to grab my camera and capture what's important to him. In a matter of minutes he had filled my memory stick with joy and returned to me to show me what he'd done. He was so proud as his pudgy little fingers worked the little buttons on the camera. I have a feeling he'd done this before. That would explain some things...

I call this first series Front Porch Panorama and it starts with the little rocking chair . My oldest got this chair from Grandma and Grandpa when she was tiny. For all the kids, at one time or another, this was THE best seat in the house.
Move just a hair to the left and you'll see a Duplo on the floor next to a stack of magazines .
In for a close up. At first this one threw me for a loop, and then I noticed the Wal-Mart banner on the top.
If you turn once again to the left, scan past the front door, you'll see this lovely site
Through the window you can see the siding going up on the west side of the house.
Another move counter clockwise and we'll introduce you to our lilac tree, sad and old , she will be put out to pasture as soon as she sheds her blooms . Her trunk, gnarly and full of character, we'll leave as it has provided hours of fantasy play. It's seen fairy houses and army encampments built around her, sometimes even, on the same day.With the lilac still in the picture we, once again, turn to the left and get a great shot of our van parked in the neighbors driveway. They've graciously offered us the use of their bathroom whenever necessary during our (only) bathroom reconstruction.

Still another jot to the left we see the front screen door with Errabundus peeking in from the street.
Oh, yes, gotta get a shot of the new bus door.
I 'm pretty sure, by following his pattern, this is located somewhere on the screen door...between the window and the mail pile.

Yet another step counter clockwise and we visit the legs of the grown up rocking chair
He chose to focus on the screen in the window above the rocker I'm pretty sure because the front of the house is not yet sided and is still only clothed in pink insulation.
This brings us full circle. The two rocking chairs sit together on the porch. In his brilliance, he has chosen to leave us here, wanting more.

There you have it, the first installment of Life Through The Eyes Of A 4 Year Old Photographer.

I can't wait to show you what's next.

I'll have to make sure to check the settings before I resume control of my camera.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For everyone who's been asking...

In the middle of demolition.stop.

big hole in side of house. stop.

shower/tub to be installed today.stop.

bathroom gutted out.stop.

barely hanging on to sanity.stop.

will be in contact soon.stop.