Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Cross Training "Sunday School (on Wednesday)" teachers laughed when I told them that my kids weren't coming because they were quarantined.

Because they're sick?

No, because they're healthy.

And that's saying a lot these days.

Schools are closing, events are being canceled, sports events are being forfeited.

Griffin plays his last football game on Saturday and we want him to be healthy to finish the season. Unlike last year.

It may be an enormous leap to think we'll make it.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with milestones. Milestones reached mean my kids are growing up and eventually growing away. I know my job as a mom is to "grow them up and out" but since I haven't gotten anyone there yet, it's unknown territory. I reach milestones as a parent as well but my doctor doesn't put them on my chart.

I have a Senior and a Junior in the house followed by a 6th grader, 2nd grader and Kindergartner. Last month Isaac (5) lost his first two teeth. Yesterday Hayden (16) got his drivers license, I became the mother of two teen drivers instead of one, and Griffin (12) lost his last tooth... all milestones I was not quite ready for. Where has the time gone?

Soon, there won't be all the noise and chaos usually associated with our days. Will I miss it, or welcome the change?

Soon, although only for a short time, I won't have a high schooler in the house. Will that change the way I teach or spend my time? Will I have to do the dishes and clean the bathroom myself?

I wonder what the next season will bring?

I think the metamorphosis of family dynamics is more apparent when the spacing between children is close. Hailey and Hayden are 15 months apart. With them maturing and rapidly reaching adulthood so close on each others heels we are dealt a triple dose of milestones that we are forced to become accustomed to all at once. Both of theirs and mine.

One milestone at a time I can handle, more than that and I appreciate a breather in between.

Got that?