Monday, February 4, 2008

He works better without me.

Finally, some bus news. Actual size bus news, not give away bus news.

Just to refresh your memory, last weekend left us with this.......

Bunk stud walls with under-bed storage boxes. (UNsymmetrical to house a heater on the outside on one side and soup on the inside on the other)

This weekend Matt worked alone while I ran the kids all over town. He gets a lot more done that way.

First he made platforms for the mattresses. Notice the little strips next to the wall that are separate from the platform? Those are for the hinges. They are attached to the metal rail. You know, the ones bus guys love.
Can you see the hinges?

Then he covered the bare stud walls with plywood making them strong enough to stand up to the constant "vibration" that will come with being in the back of a bus. HA! I've been in the back of a bus before, I wish I would've been reinforced all those High School years. (Maybe bra manufacturers should replace underwires with plywood) All of this will eventually be covered with painted bead board.

Voila! All the walls in place.

This next picture is between the Queen size bed and the bunks. It will be clothes storage. Drawer storage. Each family member will have their own drawer, anything not fitting in the drawer will not be allowed on the trip. We debated on whether we should have hanging storage. I can't remember the last time I was camping that I was required to wear something that would have been better off packed on a hangar. It'll happen now though, just you watch. This is were the kids will get involved again. Matt will trace out patterns for custom fit drawers onto MDF and we (the kids and I) will cut out and assemble them.

That's the plan anyway.


Anonymous said...

I see the hinges and they are fine hinges, but I am wondering where did the Christmas wrapping paper go?

Michelle said...

It is so neat to see these things come together! I guess its even better for you guys!

Jesusfreak said...

This was where I think I last SAW the bus in person