Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apparently, we moved.

I've mentioned before how I avoid watching the news, it's just too....much. Too much bad news, too much sensationalism, too much time to tell one stinkin' story... My preferred method of finding out what happens in the world is my Road Runner home page. Yesterday, I read about how the earthquake in California was caught on a taping of Judge Judy, of course, having never experienced an earthquake, I was curious.

We started to google more and found this tape.

An L.A. teen catches earthquake on video.

Then, later in the day, I found this one...

That's Hayden, in case you didn't recognize him and, apparently, while I was not looking, we moved to California.


Deb said...

Does the word deviant ring a bell with your boy? I so enjoy it.

gbmom2407 said...

That is so absoultely awesome. (hey, if your house is still on the market...consider us!! *we will pay when ours sells!!!LOL)
Please tell your intelegent young man that is imagination is truely inspiring. Heck, I just may move to California.
Happy day.

Anonymous said...

so mrs.B how did you find that video? it was still funyi mean realy funny since we know he lives in wisconsin did you ever find those wet Clothes ? parker

Anonymous said...

sorry i put the i in the word funy sorry parker

Anonymous said...

tell that guy never to do somthing like that again! it was not funny my dresser almost fell on me