Thursday, July 17, 2008


When I was a kid I had a book called Fortunately by Remy Charlip. I always loved the way something fortunate always followed something unfortunate. I don't really remember the whole story (I'll have to buy myself a copy) but what I do remember is it was an amusing story about Ned trying to get to a party. This book came to mind as I was thinking of how to summarize the rest of our Lifest vacation. Here goes my version:

Lifest Fortunately by Kari


Fortunately, Griffin was able to play dodge ball during the day when there is not much going on that would interest a 10 year old.

Unfortunately, it was really hot.

Fortunately, under the bleachers next to the dodge ball court it was shaded and breezy.
Unfortunately, there was not much for Isaac to do.
Fortunately, he's easily amused.

Unfortunately, forecasters were predicting even higher temperatures tomorrow
Fortunately, there were bathrooms and bubblers by the viewing area.
Unfortunately, there was no soap.
Fortunately, Sam had his scooter to keep him busy
Unfortunately, our other scooter had disappeared on Wednesday
Fortunately, Isaac had a soccer ball and Hailey had her camera.

Unfortunately, the weather turned sour and it started to rain.

Fortunately, we had plenty of dry space, friends and snacks

Unfortunately, the big kids left to have fun, and I was alone with the little boys and the noise of tents flapping. (I hate that noise)

Fortunately, it was quiet in the van and when the rain stopped there was a beautiful sunset.

Fortunately, our bedding did not get too wet during yesterday's rain.
Unfortunately, it did get really wet in the morning rain.
Fortunately, we planned to go home to shower and pick up Matt.
Unfortunately, the van wouldn't start.
Fortunately, we knew what the problem was. (A cracked distributor cap and rain do not mix)
Unfortunately, we had no tools
Fortunately, lots of people offered help, we found tools and located the distributor cap under the doghouse.

Unfortunately, upon removal and drying off, the van still would not start.

Fortunately, we found a way to wash up with out paying (and waiting hours) for showers at the shower house.

Fortunately, Matt arrived as planned with ice, water, and more food! And the part for the van, which he fixed within 10 minutes of his arrival.
Unfortunately, we had to hurry through supper to get to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert.
Fortunately, The concert was an amazing testimony of faith.
Unfortunately, the loss of his 5 year old daughter only 6 weeks earlier had been heart wrenching.
Fortunately, we all lit candles in a tribute to his lost child and the night ended in fireworks.
Unfortunately, those were not the only bright flashing lights we saw that night.

Fortunately, Hayden arrived back at camp at 1:45 am right before the storms hit.
Unfortunately, the carport left at 2:07. We know because when we found our clock the next day with the battery blown out that's what time it read.
Fortunately, aided by the light produced by severe lightning, Hailey was able to alert us all as to it's where abouts
Unfortunately, by the time I got out of the collapsing tent, the carport and most of our camping gear was already half way down the street.
Fortunately, it crashed into the trailer instead of the tent behind us which diverted it in the direction of the street instead of into someone else's campsite. The trailer was shoved from the jack stands and pushed up tight to our tent.
Unfortunately, most of the poles were bent and the coverings were ripped

Fortunately, Hailey and I were able to start disassembling it while Matt carried sleepy little boys to the safety of the van.
Unfortunately, everything under the carport (except the cookstove) was scattered

Fortunately, I think we found everything and piled it together at covered it with tarps to be dealt with in the morning.

Unfortunately, sleeping was difficult that night.
Fortunately, we had 2 vans to spread out in instead of 1. I'm so glad the van wouldn't start earlier or we would have picked up Matt and only had 1 vehicle to sleep in.
Unfortunately, there was a lot of damage when we woke up in the morning

Fortunately, not everyone's stuff collapsed no one was injured.

Fortunately, it was a beautiful cool, breezy day in which we could dry out and reassemble our site and enjoy the rest of Lifest without incident.
Unfortunately, we realized this was the last straw for our faithful tent.
Fortunately, we have the bus, and it's almost done!

Wrap up
Unfortunately, the nights were late for the entire festival.
Fortunately, the little boys can sleep anywhere.

And lastly, most fortunately, the potty was never disrupted.


Anonymous said...

fortunately you realize you're world famous

Michelle said...

I love the Fortunately way of telling a story! It would work out great in a scrapbook too! I gonna have to remember that. And maybe get a copy of that book too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful perspective to have when things don't always go right! There is always an up side to things : )