Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When Four Worlds Collide

What happens when this

meets this

with a little of this

and this thrown in on the side?

I'm grateful that this season of sprummer lasted only a month. More or less. Bringing the school year to a close with all the fun little details while, at the same time, preparing for a summer of delicious nothing-to-do days and crowded soccer nights.

Sprummer activities have included but were not limited to: pool set up and maintenance, a strict laundry regimen, and soccer 8 nights a week, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday excluded, painting of the bus and most of the inside of our house.

"We" also ventured out of our "gimme gimme" box and volunteered to coach our 4 year olds soccer team. What a hoot! MY kid, of course, is the one who wants to disappear off the field and sneak away to the park...

The kids think I'm SuperMom. Not in the fact that they respect my power, just that they think I can do everything for them and still manage to wash the towels and have their soccer clothes clean for the appropriate evening. Expectations are hard to live with.

So, that's where we've been. We've adjusted to our chaos and are settling into our summer routine. We're a little slow sometimes but as I always say, "Better late than never!"

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Anonymous said...

yes it is chaotic but as you know the change is dramatic...as was evident when I drove past your home!?! Hope all is well. did you figure out the bathroom floor yet?