Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Wrong Shoes

I'm such a girl. Normally, it's a good thing. Today, I felt really silly about my choices.

You see, we went to the salvage yard today and I never, even for one moment, thought about my shoe choice.

If you remember this, I'm more of a barefoot kind of gal, so I don't have oodles and oodles of shoes, I have my Birkenstocks, which broke at Lifest and are now held together with duct tape. And I have this new pair of generic Crocks from Payless. I have a pair of tennis shoes, but I don't know where they are, it's summer for heaven's sake, I don't wear tennis shoes when it's hot. Oh and I have flip flops. That's it for shoes.

So that's what I wore to the salvage yard today.

After I got over the oozed mud between my toes and was able to feel every single stone I stepped on, I started imagining huge shards of glass and metal piercing through the sole. It made traversing this..... a little difficult.

But, nothing bad happened. Except I may not ever be able to wear my cute little pink and white mary janes ever again.

We found and extracted 8 seat belts, 6 overhead reading lights, 1 trunk seal and some various and sundry electrical items for the bus.

I learned that thistles, if left to grow this tall, produce flowers.

and these weeds were quite pretty too.And I also got some great ideas for new planters for the back yard.
All in all, it was a successful trip.


Anonymous said...

The blue flowered plant is called chicory. It grows rampant here in Kentucky along the roadsides and in neglected areas. It is considered a weed, but is very beautiful! There aren't a lot of plants that give you that color. Also, the root can be dried and ground up to add to coffee - it adds something positive to the brew evidently - I haven't tried it.

HEATHER said...
You can get your Birkenstocks repaired without the use of Duct tape.
I came by from The More, The Messier and I have been reading about your bus! I love it-TOO COOL!!
I plan to start homeschooling my son in a few weeks.