Sunday, August 3, 2008

My True Colors

I've been avoiding all the speculative talk of the fate of Brett Favre, or the Packers for that matter.

To hope was like salt on an open wound.

Every time anyone started that conversation, I outright told them I only wanted to know the outcome, not what they thought was going to happen. If you were around here in March you may remember how much stress his retirement caused me. We took a whole week off of school for goodness sake!

Well, tonight, I think he's back.

He's back! (I think)

He's back! (I think)

If this doesn't turn out my way, I may not be able to handle fall.


HEATHER said...

OH dear, you should know that every night since this has been brewing that Greta Van Sustern on Fox's On the Record, has covered this, it's been about a month's worth of coverage, every night. She did a four-part interview with him. Have you seen ESPN? They have even added a "Farve" as a crawl catagory!
I really think that the management has treated Brett awfully.
I just hope that the defense will treat him well and not let him be sacked.

gbmom2407 said...

Okay so you know how I feel about the Packers as a whole. Do I care what is going on? Not really. But, I think it is really interesting that Farve is not a person (per say) he is a subject. Just like Heather said, he is a "subject" on the espn crawler, he is whole sections of the newspaper, he is what EVERYONE across the country (not to mention here in GB) is talking about. For your sake, I hope the outcome is what you want it to be... for my sanity I hope the outcome is soon! Happy day.