Monday, July 7, 2008

Interior Paint? Um, almost check? STARTED.

Things are coming together quite nicely. I've painted the inside walls a lovely shade of green and the front cabinetry has been painted Beach Basket. Let's take a little tour, shall we?

I'll hold the door. Watch your step, the steps are steep. Oh, since we are so concerned with cleanliness at this stage of the project, please remove your shoes and place them in the storage compartment under the step.

Thank you.

Glance to the right and peek in the seating area to catch a glimpse of our overhead cabinets, they're not done yet so we won't spend a lot of time there.
Take a left so you don't run into the kitchen counter and feast your eyes on the bunk area. Doesn't it look relaxing?
Take a closer look at the bottom bunk and notice the outlets for all of our reading lights. Ignore the speaker hanging by wires from the ceiling, we'll be taking care of the sound system later.
If we can get these guys to get out of the way, we can crawl out the back door and see what it looks like from the outside looking in. They just moved our old mattress in, thank goodness it's old and flimsy...getting it in required them to almost fold it in half.

Structurally, the bedrooms are complete! All "we" need to do is hook up our reading lights and add the outlet covers and light switch plates.

Oh and the closet drawers...

Oh yeah, the hardware that will enable the top bunk to be latched in the upright position...

Gosh, all the details, I'm glad Matt knows what he's doing!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I love the colors. I feel relaxed already.

Anonymous said...

do you think it will be done before life fest?

Kari said...


We were really hoping it would be done enough to take to Lifest. But, it's not. Even if we did bust our butts to get it done, there would be no guarantee we'd be able to get it inspected, insured, and licensed in time. Soon though, very soon. We'll have a sleep-over in it!

Mrs. B.