Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Beach-Less Ball

At quite a few concerts at Lifest people let loose a little joy. At only one did these get close enough for us to get our hands on. And boy, did we get our hands on!

It's still far away...........but Sam and Isaac were hoping it would head their way.

Getting closer...

Their excitement could hardly be contained. If they were girls, they would have been squealing.

Isaac gets a little help from Daddy.
And follows up with a happy dance. Who here remembers Ed Grimley?

Tongue and all.

Griffin joins in.

More joy.

Take a closer look. JOY!!! TRIUMPH!!!

I was a little fearful of the way this was going to turn out. My boys can turn any game into "tackle". Tackle tag, tackle croquet, tackle name it.

But look, everyone's still standing.

Good bye fun.
That whole affair lasted only a few minutes.

Hailey is becoming quite talented at capturing the moment with her camera.

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