Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bus Kote? check.

Matt decided on Bus Kote for the top of the bus. It's an insulating paint designed specifically to keep school buses cooler in summer and at a more consistent temperature in winter. As a side benefit, it will also help with soundproofing. School buses are loud.

The big boys had a wonderful time on top of the bus, washing and preparing the surface for the paint.

Matt rolled on the first coat and tried to get a second coat on and set before it started to rain...He didn't quite make it...

I spent the next couple of days finishing the part above the windows while the little boys helped me by cleaning off the streaks left from the downpour

They did a great job. It took 4 coats (and some touch ups here and there) and 3 days for me to cover the black stripe and make it presentable.
Why so long?

Mom, wipe my butt!
Mom, what's for lunch?
Mom, are my soccer clothes clean?
Honey, can you run to Metal Supermarket for me?

The peony bushes on the side were really hard to get a ladder stable on.


Anonymous said...

Coming along nicely. I love the updates.
Enjoy lifefest!
Happy day.

Anonymous said...

it has come a long way form poast

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to reread i meant poast 1 parker