Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deal of the Century

For those of you that are frugal, hold on to your hats. If amazing deals do not trip your trigger walk away now, this post is not for you.

We're waiting on our stimulus check to purchase a few needed high price items. A new mattress in particular. Ours is saggy and has divets not unlike Norman Bates' mothers. Matt and I argue over who gets the good side when it's time to flip and or turn it. Right now, I've got the bad side.
But I digress...we need a new mattress. Our old one will go out on the bus where it will be very well supported by plywood and much more comfortable than an air mattress.

Yesterday we were working at a fundraising brat fry (Go NEWCHAA Eagles!) when a friend of mine got a call from an insider at a local thrift store. WG & R had just dropped off new, unused, discontinued mattresses, is anyone looking for one?

We stopped to check them out on the way home. Yes, indeed they did have a one queen size Simmons Beautyrest World Class Pillow Top dream model with a reasonable pricetag. Still too much for me to spend without first conferring with Matt, I asked if they held furniture. I was informed that yes they would but only until closing of the same day which would be in an hour. Then, with a wink and a nod the cashier signaled for me to come closer, lowered her voice and presented me this tidbit. "Everything is 50% off in furniture tomorrow, we open at 10"

I was positively giddy!

Leary of who else she might have told the same information, My peon ( "I had plans Mom.")and I were waiting outside the door at 9:45 am, 2nd in line.

After we had safely procured the mattress and were heading out the door I spied a lift chair that would benefit my grandma tremendously. Knowing that my mom was looking for one I called her and asked her to come and check it out. And also, if she could bring Dad and his truck as the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Pillow Top mattress would NOT fit in the van. What can I say, I was not thinking clearly.

Dad tested the chair mechanisms and Mom examined it for decrepitude and smell. It passed with flying colors.

What did we spend?
Mattress = $75.00 (Retail $1,200)
Lift Chair = $40.00

With that huge savings, maybe we'll be able to fuel up the bus and take her somewhere this summer!

Off to bed!


Anonymous said...

Nice! We need a new mattress also. BUT a King size is prefered! Hope you sleept well.

Anonymous said...

***to continue my comment. After the tip of which thrift shop I ran down to see if they still had the king size... sure enough and today was half off ALL the furniture. I got the king for $100 (on clearence on websites for $1100-$1399) Brand new only minor surface dirt on one side. Some people are leary of thrift shops and wont even go in them. Praise God for the informant! I appreciate you!!!

Anonymous said...

How's the sleeping? ;) ;) Deb

Anonymous said...

to tired to write comment good night
parker zzzzzz!!

Barbara Frank said...

Wowee! You did good ;)