Sunday, April 20, 2008

The unveiling

Today when we established that the paint was dry we removed the paper from the windows.

The little boys helped. They happily obliged when I told them they could just rip it off.

Notice the difference in colors? We thought it would be fun to leave the original seating capacity and bus number up so I taped over them before the paint was applied. The header over the door will eventually be removed so it wasn't painted. (Just in case you were wondering)

Here are the other colors we plan to use. The walls will all be Lush Greenery and the cabinets will be painted Beach Blanket. Oh, and this is our counter top. Does it just shout "relaxing, calm, and peaceful" to you, or are those only the voices in my head?

I can't get over how shiny it is!

Today Matt is going to do some more electrical work and I've got to catch up on the laundry. (Just in case you were wondering)


Michelle said...

The paint is nice. It has a feel like being on a boat!

Karen said...

This is such a cool project! When are you planning on finishing? Karen in West Michigan

Kari said...


Our ultimate goal is Lifest in July. I'm thinking I've got to learn to drive it BEFORE that, so it has to be done sometime in June so I can practice. There's alot involved before we can take it on the road legally...and it's been too cold to do any of it until this last weekend. Keep checking for updates, it'll go faster now that the big stuff is done (or almost done, or started, or planned...)

Thanks for visiting!


Jesusfreak said...

Oh, LIFEST here we uhhhh I mean you come. I am so excited for you. Jsut a hop, skip and a jump away from being done!!

Anonymous said...

I love the color choices and ALL the helpers.