Wednesday, May 14, 2008

12 Step Program

One of the reservations I had when Matt decided to move the door was the time that would be involved. Matt reassured me that he knew what he was doing...

He still does know what he's doing, he's just taking longer than I anticipated. He's right on schedule in his own mind...

That seems to be a common thread when it comes to my bus posts.

Here's a step by step tutorial (Just in case you're thinking of doing this to your own bus)

Week 1
Step 1:
remove window

Step 2:
Cut down the side of the bus and into the floor.
So far, this is going just as planned

Step 3:
Stand in the new hole and think about all your options.

Step 4:
Invite a really cute 4 year old to sit with you as you ponder all your options.

Step 5:
Take a picture so you can print it out and stare at it as you make lists while laying in bed on weeknights.

Week 2
Step 6:
Did I mention lists? Make lots of lists and order lots of metal for your lovely wife to pick up at Metal Supermarkets. Laugh when your lovely wife tells you about how they say "Matt's order?" when you walk into their showroom.

Step 7:
Take apart old door and weld the two separate pieces into one bus door. contemplate next coarse of action.

Step 8:
Construct metal frame with square metal tubing, add 6 ft long hinge (from previous door arrangement) and temporarily hang door and once again, meditate upon all your options.

Week 3
Step 9:
Order, pick up and meticulously trace and cut sheet metal (using no less than 8-10 saw blades) to fit exactly over welded together door (to make it look nice on the outside). Explain to lovely wife that the inside will covered with bead board (to make it look nice on the inside)

Step 10:
Remove permanently attached hinge from metal frame to accommodate extra thickness acquired from weather stripping and sheet metal thickness.

Step 11:
Rethink all you've done and conclude that it is not the best way. Plan to use sheet metal, square tubing, and windows from old door to construct your very own.

Week 4
Step 12:

He did get a lot of other things done on the inside (while he was analyzing the door situation). But electrical work isn't very exciting. Necessary but not exciting.


Anonymous said...

He is really a handy guy. Does he look at bone structure with the same creativity? Has he ever thought to leave a patient open so he could rethink his hinges? It will be excellent and he seems to move quickly once he gets going. Now you know where those perfectionist tendencies come from in certain offspring of yours.

Anonymous said...

yah, what deb said. I miss you too dearly.

Jesusfreak said...

Ya, what Deb said, and I am always amazed at Matts "jack of all trades" but never surprised

Anonymous said...

And there you have it...the sum of the main difference betwen men and women. "He's right on schedule in his own mind..." You are a wise woman Mrs. Brautigam.

And yes, I took the time to post so that I could enter the contest. :)