Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Business of Dandelions

I pay 1 penny for each dandelion the little boys pick from the yard. Usually, in the spring, this keeps them occupied for a day or two.

This year, Sam (6) has taken it to the next level...He goes outside, he tells me, "to do dandelion business...Isaac, wanna come?"

Their domain is our yard and the two yards to the west of us. If I let them, they'd do the whole block. It's getting to be quite a profitable little enterprise. They talk about, as we ride in the car, "I wonder if those people would let us pick their dandelions?"

Although I did overheard Sam telling Isaac (4) "No, not the stems, just the flowers...that way they'll grow back." Maybe I should up the ante and pay only for roots.

Last weekend, Grandpa paid out over 3 dollars as a result of our visit.

At church they spent their money on hot chocolate and blueberry muffins and would have purchased me a Mother's Day rose but they ran out of cash.

I'm sure the dandelion stains will come out of their shirts which they use to carry their treasures, and I'm sure the dirt will come out from underneath their fingernails, but I hope this memory...the two of them working together...will stain their hearts forever.

Who says weeds are not beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very productive enterprise. Maybe they will study genetics and learn how to make the dandelions reproduce at a faster rate and thus make more money. Ahhh...the beauty of homeschooling.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is pretty smart of Sam to figure that the flowers will grow back! :) Not that I'd be prejudice or anything, but "homeschooler!" :)

Anonymous said...

Can they be hired out for any other weeding? That's pretty cheep labor.

Anonymous said...

don't let my kids get wind of this. We try so hard every year to have a "weed" free yard and well uhhhhh... it keeps Jeremy busy if nothing else.
Happy day,

Jesusfreak said...

Sounds like a homeschool moment

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the dandelion fairy almost got arrested. The police in your neighborhood are very observant. Imagine trying to explain that to ANYONE!!

Anonymous said...

The dandelion fairy was really just observed by the police passing your house. Of course we just smiled. I suppose we could have waved:)

Maybe we should have left dandelions with all the sseds in them. Next time. Just kidding!!!!

You guys are great--

All the Zusy girls(including Mrs. Z.)