Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Discombobulated - Day 2

Today was much like yesterday only we handled it better.

Most of the shingles were torn from overhead and only half of the roof needed to be re-sheeted. Jack (the contractor) only fell through the roof in one spot and that was only onto boxes of maternity clothes stashed in my attic. They only found one nest of carpenter ants.

All in all I think we could count it as a good day.

It's going to take awhile to get out of School Mode for some of my kids.

I found this one timing how long he could sit on the swing without touching the ground...Talk about discombobulated! I told him 18 minutes was too long to do Nothing and suggested he start cleaning the pool.

It wasn't long before he started to enjoy the process and he warned me, "I might want to take this job away from Dad."

"You guys will have to settle that without me." My standard answer for any squabbles about chores.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for a lovely morning. When Jeremy got home D told him all about his morning... the bus, you, your toilet, your boys, the "worker guy" on your roof, the big mess in the grass... Jeremy had to confirm it with me when W and I got home (I guess it sounded a little far fetched!)

Anonymous said...

yep i have had those days to just no thing to do parker