Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Since today is my birthday. I'd like to give you something. How crazy is that?

Here's the plan. You're going to comment, and I'm going to give away a prize next week.

I'm thinking a gift card. Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, or something cool like that. You may comment on any post, just as long as it's a real comment relevant to the post, not "enter me" or "Hi".

One comment per post. (If you already commented the post previously, comment again if you want it to count) I've got 76 commentable posts counting this one, so you could conceivably have 76 entries today and 7 for my new posts coming up!

How exciting!

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends!

The giveaway will end next Thursday at midnight (central time). I will randomly choose an entry from comments dated between now and then.

I'm excited to hear what you have to say!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. What a sunshinny beautiful day! God bless you today and always.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me with age comes generosity in your eyes! How thoughtful. How's that for sucking up? Last time I entered you weren't afraid of my threats so I thought I would try the other way, good old fashioned brown nosing.

Anonymous said...

You make me so happy and proud to be your Mom! Have a beautiful day and keep loving and caring and teaching that wonderful family of yours. You are all so precious. And I can't wait to share in an expedition with you all and 'the Bus'!!
With pride, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! What a fun way to get audience participation! A friend of mine and I are always trying to find ways of getting people to involve themselves by commenting, but it is always the same few who actually do. I could imagine that a contest would generate a lot of feedback from people who read but usually don't comment. Fun for us too! :) Pam from

Anonymous said...

Best wishes Kari for the happiest of birthday's! I don't need to win a gift card! But what an awesome way to get several birthday wishes. Very clever! Enjoy the last year of "30 something". You're the best! God bless you on your special day! Enjoy...Sandy

Jesusfreak said...

Happy Happy Birthday, to you? to me! Ok not to me but I love Alice in Wonderland (ok only really that part) That poor manic bunny!

Happy Birthday, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari - happy birthday! Based on Sandy's comment, we must be very close in age!? It's my birthday today - May 9th and I am now 39 years old! (Yuck.) I'm writing from Malawi, Africa so it's officially my birthday here.... but not quite in America yet. A few more hours to go. God's blessings! A WELS homenet friend in Africa - Mindy.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you yesterday, fellow Homenetter! And Happy Birthday today to Mindy in Africa (from her comment) and to me today, too! It sounds as if, from Sandy and Mindy's comments, that you and Mindy are just finishing up your 30th decades, while I am beginning my 40th (41 this year)! I think the best part of a birthday so close to Mother's Day, for you, Mindy and myself, is that God blessed our Mothers on the days we were born with the best Mother's Day present: the gift of a healthy, wonderful baby and, as Mothers now ourselves, each year our blessings from God (our own children) are our birthday and Mother's Day gifts each year, all rolled into one! And that is even before the lovely handmade gifts begin to roll in! Nothing touches a Mothers heart like one of those beautiful hand made cards, does it? Hope your day yesterday was wonderful, hope today is great in Africa for Mindy, and looking forward to a wonderful day today myself, enjoying my blessings from God, too!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing ;) day!