Friday, May 16, 2008

We Have a Winner Folks

Oh boy!

I really had a lot of fun hearing from you all.

I must say, the odds were heavily stacked in favor of a small number of you. So, to ensure fairness, we photographed the whole process. Well, most of it anyway...I didn't count the 5am "me, cutting and pasting the comments into my word processor" Are you ok with that?

First we cut out all the entries (95 in all)

Then we folded them and put them in a pretty basket. We were at my mom's visiting with Grandma, so this is at her house. Mom always has pretty little baskets for every occasion. If we would have been at home I would have chosen one of my "That's A Bowl"s from Tupperware. The season of life I now reside in is: Everything Must Be Completely Functional Or It's Outahere" It falls between Diapers and College. I can't see it ending soon.

After a thumb war to decide who the lucky picker outer would be, Hailey reached her hand deep into the basket and picked our winner

The suspense was killing me...

Congratulations Anna! Your $25 Barnes and Noble gift card is on its way. Maybe you can purchase some books about Homeschooling. (ducking now)


Anonymous said...

Very wonderful. Congratulations Anna! This was pretty fun for me. Deb

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... As most of you don't know I turned 30 this past Monday. What a wonderful way to celebrate it. You made me feel special. Thank you!
(it will be spent wisely...**glad you ducked, you needed to ;)
Happy day,