Saturday, May 10, 2008


A few weeks ago the big kids attended the Prom. Hailey's 2nd, Hayden's 1st. She spent weeks preparing, finding shoes, making hair appointments, I sewed a shrug and purse to match her dress. Hayden informed me on THE Friday morning he might need a new shirt and "oh yeah, I guess I'll need a tie."

We stopped at Steve and Barry's on the way home from depositing Hailey at the local beauty school with a gaggle of other girls. Hayden expressed his confusion about the momentousness of the event. Preparing for him involves brushing his teeth and changing his underware. I didn't try to explain it to him. There's still time.
He did help out on the decorating committee and it turned out beautiful. The waterfall needed to be turned off because of a leak, but the fish were unharmed by the incident.
Since all our home school teen group functions are non - dating events the entire group met at a restaurant to start the festivities. The kids started out the night with a ballroom dance lesson and then pictures were taken. Half way through the evening the boys disappeared from the dance floor. The girls knew the boys were up to something and planned their retaliation.

Moments later the boys appeared with bouquets of roses and presented one to each girl in attendance.
Needless to say the girls never carried out their sinister plan.

And, I think, Hayden got a clue.

What a wonderful example of chivalry.


Anonymous said...

They are growing up so fast. You surely have raised wonderful children.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! and your new outdoor back drop is so - yellow! Beautiful dress young lady. Quite dapper young man.


Jesusfreak said...

This type of sharing ;) makes me glad I started to home school. Thanks Kari

Barbara Frank said...

So glad they had a great time! As for those low-maintenance boys, the morning of my son's wedding last summer, he, his best man and the other groomsmen spent most of the morning playing video games in our family room while the rest of us got ready. And the guys all looked great!