Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Investigator

What do you get when you:

Surgically conjoin 2 remote control toy Jeeps (making one POWERFUL double rear wheel driver vehicle)
Add an infra-red wireless "nanny-cam"
Add a longer antennae to the vehicle
and broadcast the signal on your TV?

The Investigator!

I've been trying to find a way to capture the fun on video to show you all. But for now, words will have to suffice.

It's night time and inside the master bedroom (where our only TV lives) the 7 of us crowd around to watch. Matt handles the remote control of The Investigator like a pro. Outside The Investigator roves up and down the sidewalk, under the cars parked in the driveway, and out into the yard. On the TV we "see" what it "sees" through the night vision camera. Occasionally, The Investigator gets stuck and needs a little boy to run out and nudge it along. The footage is vaguely reminiscent of "The Blair Witch Project". But not creepy.

If you're adding this to your ever expanding list of "Why did you do that?" 's. Just like the bus, and the rear wheel drive Escort in the garage...

Why not? It makes life interesting.

What does your family do for fun?


Anonymous said...

Now you need a little garage under the bus from which you can deploy the Investigator while safely watching from inside! :-)

Anonymous said...

is the one tv by choice or due to breakage?
Love the idea of the remote control. Sounds like you have some busy minds and hands.

Kari said...

One TV by choice. And we can hardly see the channels we do get! We do have a projector with a "big screen" to watch movies on in the living room, but that can't receive TV. It was an adjustment, but as you can see, we're keeping plenty busy without it!


Jesusfreak said...

Nothing my family does for fun will ever compare....

Anonymous said...

that is so cool