Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gettin' Busy on the Bus

There was no snow this morning when we woke up so we decided this would be a great time to paint the inside.

I finished taping all the windows while Matt scrubbed down the front section of the bus and wiped down what Hailey and I had scrubbed last fall.

We removed everything else.

Then, Matt painted. Gloss white just from the windows up.

He still has a little strip from the windows to the ceiling to do, but ain't it purty? Even through the fog.

Here, I'll show you again...See the difference? I love a nice shiny white ceiling!




Jesusfreak said...

nothing to do with the blog, but I am going with teh livingroom, Little House on the Praire is on.

Anonymous said...

your title says it all...