Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meat Fest and Word Pictures

We were given some elk steaks. A huge ziplock bag full. Frozen.

I had no idea how to cook elk steaks, or how they would taste.

I thawed them yesterday (all of them) and Matt grilled them. These elk steaks were (I'm assuming) processed at home, the plate on which they rested creaked under the "Flintstonian" proportions piled upon it.

Do not confuse "Flintstonian" proportions of elk with the "Seuss-ish" pile of pancakes I'm known for creating.

They were wonderful! The teenage boy was in heaven when I told him, "Go ahead, have more." and Matt was equally satisfied. The littler boys thought it was good, but I don't really give their opinion (concerning meals) merit as some days they do not like anything. Hailey carefully dissected hers according to the rules of her latest Biology book. I shushed all negative comments to promote full consumption of the meaty feast.

Overall, it was good. Not game-y or strange. I'm not known for having an adventurous spirit when it comes to food, but I'd eat this again.

Now, what to do with the ginormous bag of elk burger..... Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

hey, it's Anna. You can make burgers, sloppy joes, or jerky. My mother-in-law does all of the above with venison. hope that helps.
Happy day.