Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elk Burger and Bowel Movements

I fried up the Elk Burger last night along with some hamburger and used it for tacos. It was good. Tonight we'll use the rest in our spaghetti.

I also spent yesterday hooked up to a Holter monitor. A painless test where electrodes were taped on my skin and the wires were hooked up to a little beeper like device I could tuck in my pocket. I was sent home to "go about my regular daily activities" while the monitor kept track of my heart. I was asked to keep a diary of activities and symptoms. There was a list of certain events I was to record. I was really trying to not have to record "bowel movement" but eventually it couldn't be helped. If I would've known THAT was a requirement I would have taken care of things before the testing started. I though of just doing it and not writing it down, but I figured that they were professionals and could probably tell (?) and if I didn't record it, maybe they would have thought I lied somewhere else in the diary... I know Everyone Poops (I have the book) but having to actually write it down and have it be scrutinized and then to wonder what that looks like on the EKG machine... Aren't you glad you don't live in my head?!?

Matt of course thought it would be fun to have to record one of the other events, I promptly nipped that in the bud and said he could wait 24 hours.

After my 24 hours were up and the super glued patches were removed I just had to pack everything into a ziplock bag and return it to the valet parking attendant at the hospital and it will be delivered to the cardiac department where it will be analyzed and reported on.

I'll keep you posted.

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Uhggg. don't you just love wild game.
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