Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have a seat

Here we are again in the basement. I know, the floor needs painting and there is a getaway car on the lose.

A couple weekends ago Matt spent two ENTIRE days in the garage. This is what he came out with. The design took the longest, the actual construction only took a few hours.

Remember our trip to the salvage yard? We were not successful in extracting these from the donor vehicles so Matt fabricated them from three 1/4 inch thick 12 x 18 steel plates we purchased for $65. The plates are attached to the floor, the swivel mechanisms are attached to the seats and then hooked into these plates that are attached to the floor.

This weekend Matt installed seats. Here's the first one.

We enjoyed coffee in the breakfast nook while we discussed moving the door and sleeping arrangements.

The drivers seat was strategically placed so we could both reach the pedals comfortably, the navigator seat will have to wait until we close off the door. Oh, did I tell you, I conceded. We will be moving the door. The pro's and con's list was a great idea.

The middle row is installed with the swivels and the back row seats were raised a little to be even with all the others.

Prior to the installation Matt emerged from the basement singing praises to his drill press and holding 6 of these. 2x3's reinforced with 3/4 inch pipe to hold the bolts that hold the seats to the floor.

I guess he used them to do this:

While Matt was working on Errabundus outside in the snow...

...I was inside planning the paint scheme. I was accused of just playing on the computer.

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Jesusfreak said...

I am impressed at Matts amazing abilites. No really I am and I am a witness to Gods greatness in the car 'stuff abilities' Matt has been so richly been blessed with...

I am not in need of any of those talents at this time....but reserve the right to ask in teh future for advice that could possibly lead to needed said help in the advice given and to not be called upon while errandbus (sp) is being reconfigured.