Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Laundry room massacre

Tiny toys at our house are often found in precarious situations. I think of Toy Story and routinely wonder if it could really happen.

The other day when I went downstairs to put a dent in Mt. Laundry I made a shocking discovery. Besides the fact that my floors need painting...

I fear that Mr. Incredible may have met his match.

Along with the horror of seeing first hand the gunk that had accumulated on my dryer, I witnessed this sight...

I believe the Red/Blue Guy might may have been trying to help but was thrown clear of the scene and wedged under the dryer.

Whatever happened to these two? We may never know.
I wonder if Mater had anything to do with it?
With the writer's strike in Hollywood I wonder if I should notify CBS. Maybe C.S.I. would be interested.

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