Friday, May 29, 2009

Feed Me!

If you follow me on Twitter, (which also updates my Facebook status) you've already seen this unfold. If you don't follow me on Twitter,(or on Facebook) you're missing alot! Well, maybe that's relative, but in any case, this was pretty cool.

A mama robin constructed a nest in our shed and Matt took a camera (much like this one, maybe it is even this one, I can't keep up) and set it up so we could keep an eye on her and her eggs (now babies).

Meet Mrs. Robinson.

The camera feeds the signal to our TV of which I then take a picture. Not the best quality, but better than nothing. (which is what we'd see because we're not 10 feet tall)

Now meet Mrs. Robinson's eggs.

Oooo, look! They're hatching!

They're the fuzzy things in the middle.

They're HUNGRY!

They were so cute to watch the first couple of days, they're heads were so heavy they could not hold them in the upright "feed me" position for very long before they'd topple over.

They grew really fast and this is what they look like today.

I'm trying to get a little video of her feeding them but I keep running into technical difficulties. Like the power cord disappearing (!). Or technical difficulties like not being able to find my camera (!)

Yeah, he had taken it. Again.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the summer when Mr. and Mrs. ROBINson decided to have their nest on our front light. So we couldn't turn our front light on until they left. There were four chicks. They were so cute.