Thursday, March 5, 2009


Way back, before the emergence of digital cameras...Way back when you to processed your film and received prints...Way back, when pictures were actually things you held in your hand...Way back when you turned them over, wrote names and dates on them...Way back, before archival ink and acid free paper were ever spoken of...Way back when you meticulously placed one set (in chronological order-even the bad ones) in a photo album BEFORE you'd even THINK of letting anyone touch them...Way back when I had time to be anal about my pictures...

What am I talking about? I'm still anal about my photos, I just have iPhoto now that takes care of it for me. Everything neat and tidy and in date and time (Even the bad ones).

When someone gives me actual paper pictures, I scan them appropriately...settle them into their new electronic cocoon and make sure they play nice with their neighbors. What happens to them after that, I am not responsible...I've seen them under my bed, behind the washer, I even found one wedged between the fridge and cupboard. This shouldn't surprise you.

When someone gives me their digital pictures I do the same...Download, settle, assimilate.

No problem...

As long as the date and time are correctly entered in the camera.

With small batches, this hamartia is easily mended.

But say if...Hailey, our family photographer, who took hundreds of pictures at Disney, failed to properly set her brand spankin' new Nikon D60 to the proper time...well, that would be a major problem.

Intertwixt with the pictures from my camera, her "old" camera, my mom's camera and my sisters camera...her out of order photos make for interesting viewing (when trying to remember what happened EACH day).

I absolutely cannot post about Disney until this fracas is rectified. That shouldn't surprise you.


Anonymous said...

I am not so sure if this is such a tragic flaw since it amuses me. I will wait patiently for the unveiling. I think of it as suspense for my very hum drum life!


HEATHER said...

OMGoodness! We are cut from the same cloth on this one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Deb - not big huge personal flaw - it is actually funny!

Waiting with bated breath,
Wendy- who feels good when her photos actually make off the camera and onto the computer :)