Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disney - Day Five

Friday, February 20

The day I dreaded had finally come. The day of departure. I always prefer the vacations that you're ready to leave from...a long weekend in the woods...a week at the beach...a week at the cabin...but a week at's not enough.

I think maybe 3 weeks oughta do it...maybe.

So, we packed up and headed out of the campground (but not before catching a lizard), parked in the lot and caught a bus for Downtown Disney ...

and Heaven the Lego Store.

Where one head,

One body,

and 2 accessories

make a guy.

3 guys

in a plastic box on a lanyard for $9.99.

x 6 boys = a long time in the Lego store.

I probably could have made this many in the same time frame. 4,488 we were told.

We still had a few hours, so back to the the Magic Kingdom it was.


The yellow ones...

don't stop!

Name that movie...

We did this EVERYTIME we crossed a street but didn't catch it on film until today.

We wandered through the Magic Kingdom one more time, experienced It's a Small World and then set our sites on home.

The sun was setting on our vacation and, no kidding, I shed a tear as our boat pulled away from the dock that last time.

It was a long haul but worth every sacrifice we made to get there.

The memories...

The magic...

The mouse ears... will stay with us forever.


gbmom2407 said...

What an awesome vacation. I loved all you photos and your rendition of it all. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful but what do you mean the yellow ones don't stop?


aka the knight who says ni

Kari said...

It's a line from a movie that we watched over and over and over and over...on the trip down...

Can you guess what movie it is?


Anonymous said...

The yellow ones they don't stop. Buddy said this from the movie Elf!

Yer so sneaky sneaky!

Thanks for sharing ALL your pics with was great to see you!