Monday, March 16, 2009

Twice In As Many Days

When I was a young mom I used to pride myself in my children's behavior. I would often catch myself thinking... "My kids never did that" or I'd scoff at "That family" or "That kid". Not out loud, but God heard me.

Many years ago, when our brood only consisted of 3 offspring, we had a change in our insurance plan. We had to find a new family physician. Being the multi-tasker that I am, I decided to take the whole crew at the same time for our initial "entrance exam". After a quick go-over of all the kids, ages 3, 8 &9 the new doctor asked me if I had any special concerns...behavior problems, oddities, or such that I would like to discuss.

Honestly, I told him... No, we were good, nothing yet had come up that I couldn't explain or solve...

He looked at me surprised and said "Really? You'd better stop at 3 then."

A few weeks later, we found out I was pregnant with Sam.

Children are God's way of humbling the proud parent. I got the message and ate the words I had spoken in the past.

Then, along came Isaac. In the midst of my difficulties with Sam, Isaac came along and was like a breath of fresh air. I had forgotten that little children sing, dance, goof off, and sniff everything...



Sniff everything? Yes, Isaac is a Sniffer.

He smells his food before he eats it, he smells his clothes before he dresses, he'll walk you you and "cop a sniff" as he passes, He'll cuddle up with you while you're wearing a borrowed shirt from your mom and he'll say, "You smell like Grandma."... a Sniffer.

This would explain Fridays incident...

He filled an empty pen housing with water and perfume from Hailey's room and was offering a sniff to everyone in the house, when he came to me with the end cap stuck in his nose, I wasn't surprised...startled, but not surprised.

I've never had a kid do that before.

But...the lego yesterday? What's up with that?

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