Monday, March 23, 2009

Some People Have ALL The Answers

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We have a winner! Sandy states in her comment:

They are in order from Caboose to engine. Kari, row 4; Hailey, row 6
; Kris, row 8; Ryland row 11; and Keaton, row 14. Keep in mind that is Caboose to engine order. All are seated on the right hand side of the train as you look at the picture.

Yay Sandy! You win a $25 Wal-Mart gift card. Watch for it in you mailbox!

I also circled my dad who's is blocked by this guys head, but he's in the front seat.

Also (Sandy's on a roll) she correctly guessed the line "Careful! The yellow ones don't stop" was spoken by Buddy in the movie "Elf". She doesn't win anything for that, but I'm still happy for her. Maybe I'll stick a little something extra in the envelope when I mail her the gift card.

Thanks for hanging out here!


Anonymous said... really don't need to do that! It was fun just to try to figure out. However trying to post something clever was a challenge, so not so creative in the posting of the comment.

Enjoy your day spite of the rain, but it's making the dirty snow go away, soon we'll have green grass to look at, and be swimming in our back yards in a couple of months. looking forward to summer again.


gbmom2407 said...

Your new header makes me smile. What a way to welcome spring. (what program do you use to edit it?)

Kari said...

Hailey bought Photoshop last fall and we both enjoy playing with it. She does pictures and I do scrapbooking-y stuff.


Anonymous said...

I like the new home page look. Can I be your friend?

Anonymous said...

i like the new format too wendy it's really cute

Anonymous said...

i like the new format too wendy it's really cute