Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lowell To Knoxville (or 40 Hours Straight Without A Nap-Part 2)

Friday, February 13th

"My eye is 99.9% better than yesterday" Kris says as she explains how she received a chemical burn during her Wednesday hair appointment. Her husband, Dan, was unable to get time off to join us on our Disney trek, but felt confident letting her caravan with us as long as Matgyvr would agree to take care of anything that malfunctioned along the way. Have I told you that Matt can fix anything?

We got underway by 7 am.

This is what she saw for the next 3 days.

Well, that, and this...(left to right) Keaton, Kieran and Ryland

Traveling with Matt is very laid back. He never dodges an opportunity to stop for potty breaks, snacks or cousining. And when traveling with 8 kids, (7 of them boys) that's a good thing. We brought the walkie talkies to communicate those needs to each other.

My sister had her 3 boys during the same 4 years I had my last 3. When they get together, all we do is count heads, distinguishing faces is nearly impossible.

This also gave him to chance to make sure everything was up to snuff with the bus.
We started to notice a lot of Bus Kote on the school buses in Kentucky. We got a little science mixed in when we talked about the why's of potholes and geography while they followed along in their own atlas's.
We took turns driving. I navigated using Along I-75 while Matt drove (Amazing book, by the way! I wish he wrote them for ALL the interstates in the US - I'd buy them! Makes the time fly.) and he slept while I drove. By evening, I was exhausted and getting pretty punchy. I kept forgetting to push the button on the walkie talkie when talking to Kris.

We arrived at our resting spot in Knoxville without incident in the mountains around 7 pm, put the bus in "sleep mode" and crashed at 9 pm.

In order to accommodate all 11 of us, Matt fashioned a carpeted piece of plywood to fit between the 2 bottom bunks creating a king size space for an air mattress. It slips under the regular mattress when not in use and doubled as a table (set on collapsible saw horses and covered with a tablecloth) when we arrived at the campground in Disney. It was a tight fit, but cozy and warm (and better than sleeping in a car!)

Travel log:
Lowell, Indiana to Knoxville Tennesee
Highways 65, 64 and 75
516 miles
12 hours


Anonymous said...

I still tink being a stow-away would have been awesome! (LOL)

HEATHER said...

You passed right by me here in London!!
You could have checked out the originial Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant too.
You could have taken the kiddoes to see the only moonbow in the world at Cumberland Falls in Corbin. I would have loved to see the bus and meet you all! Oh well, maybe another time!