Saturday, February 14, 2009

40 Hours Straight With A 2 Hour Nap (part 1)

Fact: You have to brush your teeth after 24 hours even if you haven't slept.

We got a little bit of a late start on Thursday. At 7 pm as Matt was securing the extension cord under the bus, the last job before we were to pull out, he snapped the brake line.

After the ^@#*&()!!!!!!!!! feeling passed and we were able to think clearly we realized what a blessing it home, with all his tools, knowing where the stores are, NOT MOVING!... Matt said it just snapped when he bumped it, it was that brittle. A few hours and a few trips to the store and we were all set once again. Have I told you how much I love that Matt can fix anything? Have I also told you how nervous he was about driving through the mountains in Tennessee anyway?

Thursday, February 12th 10:15 PM
Our plan was to drive through Chicago as late as we could as we have not had a lot of practice driving the bus in heavy traffic. Matt started the trip to make sure the brakes were working properly then we switched and I got to drive through Milwaukee. We stitched positions again before Chicago.

The other advantage of our little brake mishap was that there was hardly another soul on the road with us in the wee hours. We sailed right through to our first scheduled stopping place and arrived at 3:45 am.

Travel log:
Green Bay to Lowell, Indiana
Highways 43 to 94 to 65
268 miles
5.5 hours

Friday, February 13th 5:30 am (Exactly on time)
My sister, Kris and her boys arrived at our meeting place. That was the downside of our little brake mishap, 3 fewer hours of sleep than we anticipated.

I greeted her with a hug and a short explanation of our situation. She had a mishap of her own to share. The conversation went like this:

Hi! We have new brakes!
Hi! I have a corneal abrasion!

We went inside the "Flying J" to catch up and let rest have a little more sleep before we headed out as a caravan.

(to be continued)

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