Friday, February 27, 2009

Knoxville to Valdosta, Georgia

At some point Friday night/Saturday morning, it started to rain. I could hear it before I was awake and my groggy brain went through the "camping in the rain checklist". (deja vu?)

What's outside that needs to come in?
Who's going to get soaked?

Then I remembered...I have a bus. And I fell soundly back to sleep.

Saturday, February 14

Hailey's 17th birthday.
Sleeping in a Flying J truck stop in Knoxville.

We slept late and took our time in the morning, here you can see the bunk board (or " 'cross the bed" as the kids like to call it) in action.

the boys played cards (full contact of course)

We hooked up the computer, paid for a days worth of WiFi and took turns checking our stuff.

Made eggs and toast for breakfast with my sisters cool machine and got on our way about 10:30 am

I must say, the road conditions in Kentucky were pretty bumpy...we lost a piece of interior molding on one particularly bad stretch and decided that we'd definitely have to make room for a spare tire somewhere before the next trip.

Driving through Altanta was OK. With my sister driving behind us acting as Wing Man, lane changes and traffic weaving were not so bad.

The boys thought this was a very inappropriate place for Power Ups. (Too many video games perhaps?)

Traditionally for us, vacations involve a mad dash to "just get there", but due to an unexpected day off (after our Disney tickets were purchased) we had extra time...4 days to get there. After doing some research, I found a state park in Georgia that I knew would appeal to the masses but I just couldn't make it work for a over-night stopping place. So, get this...we just stopped there anyway.

Had dinner and toured the falls.
...Pay no attention to the fact that this boy has been wearing the same thing for the last 3 days...
These were everywhere, we had never seen them and the kids thought they were the coolest thing.
We packed back in our vehicles and were on our way once again...destination: River Park RV Park in Valdosta, Georgia. 18 miles from the border. Showers. Hot food. Internet.

Arrived 9 pm

Travel log:
Knoxville, Tennessee to Valdosta, Georgia
HIghway 75
430 miles
10 hours


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff! I can hardly wait for the next post. The curtains look wonderful!


gbmom2407 said...

so cool! What item of your sisters did you use to cook?

Kari said...

so cool! What item of your sisters did you use to cook?

It is a toaster that also poaches an egg at the same time! nifty huh?