Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bicycles, Birds, Bermudas, and the Bus

It was above freezing yesterday for the first time in months.

It felt balmy. My thermometer read 39 degrees.

Unbelievably, I witnessed people on bicycles and people wearing shorts. But I also heard birds singing.

That's what I've been missing...bird songs. The groundhog is wrong I just know it. Spring is just around the corner.

Our snow is melting which is good and bad. Good because I'm sick of it. Good because the ice path on the driveway is finally melted making the trek to the back door a little less treacherous.

Bad because we've been using it as a ramp at the base of the driveway. Normally to get the bus out of the driveway we need to cut across the boulevard so the bottom doesn't scrape on the ground but with all that packed snow there, the bus just glides out. Our apron is so steep, and our road so bowed that even my van scrapes if I back out straight.

Bad because, even though the ice/snow at the base of the driveway is melting, the 4 foot banks on the boulevard are not. Which means, until we chop our way through 2 months of road remnants and ice chunks, we're snowed in. And the bus is scheduled to leave for Disney in 5 days.

I know what the boys will be doing today!

If it hits 42, like the forecast says, I might even go out there, in my shorts, to listen to the birds and catch some rays while hacking away with my pick axe.

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gbmom2407 said...

Glorious isn't it! Tomorrows forcast should take care of the snow in the bulovard!
We enjoyed our weekend. L even rode the rocketrider on the swingset (all her snow gear on, we just moved some of the snow! She had a ball). It was nice enough to hang all the soaked gear in the sun on the gate and it was dry when I brought it in later.
Happy day.