Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break part 1

Spring Break.

Matt was home for most of the week. The big kids were to take some time off of school. 2 of my nephews (3 and 5) were staying with my parents for the week and were going to come and "do school" with me and the little boys for a few days while Grandma was at work. That was the plan...

Monday. After a weekend at an indoor waterpark, the little boys were not in school mode. "We've got a few days, I'll just let them 'cousin' today. "

I never had a cousin. Neither did my brother or sister (obviously). I produced the first 2 grandkids for my parents and then there was a 4 year lull. In the next 7 years (to the day!), 8 baby boys were added to my side of the family. 3 of them mine. 3 for my sister, and 2 for my brother. The term "cousining" became part of every family gathering. It was the ice breaking activity that often reminded me of a litter of puppies. There would be running, wrestling, and occasionally a knocked noggin as the boys got to know each other again. Something about cousins, so different, yet so much alike. It's really neat to watch. I know I will cherish those memories forever.

Anyway, that was Monday. Not so much on the wrestling, but the running and the getting to know each other thing. And, more remarkably, the "I wonder how much Mom will let me get away with?" phenomenon. More than once I had to holler at my kids for something they would have never considered if it were a normal day.

Monday night the fever hit me. I felt like my skin was on fire and someone was standing on my throat. I knew it was the flu because Matt assured me that I was not on fire and he even checked to make sure there was no one standing on my throat.

Tuesday morning when my mom dropped the boys off for their fun day of homeschool, I was miserable. She recognized it immediately (after just having recovered herself) and called my dad to "bring the bottle of cold and flu medicine in the cupboard, yeah, the unopened one...and hurry, she's gonna need it"

To Be Continued.....

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Michelle said...

Goodness that is quite a lot of boys! I guess its good for all the cousins to have something in common though! Especially when they all get together.