Friday, August 22, 2008

Chance Encounter

I love the novelty of the bus.

I love that neighbors or walkers by stop and ask for a peek inside or simply give their opinion on the paint scheme. (Overwhelmingly, Partridge Family style)

I love it when little kids talk about it as they ride their bikes by.

I just think it's cool.

Today's encounter was too delightful to not blog about.

While I was helping Hayden with the ladder (he's painting the trim around the windows) a man in a pickup parked in front of the house, got out, and proceeded to inquire about the woman 3 houses down.

"Do you know if she moved?"

Not really knowing WHY he would be asking I didn't really disclose any information. The fact that I had no clue as to her whereabouts anyway must have shown on my face because he continued,

"She drove bus for us at Lamers last year and she's the only driver out of the 130 that we could not contact to see if they were going to continue."

I told him that yes, I had seen the bus parked there but that I really had no clue if she had moved away. Then, I pointed towards the bus...

If he were a cowboy, I think he would have whooped, hollered, smacked his own behind and thrown his hat in the air.

"Which one is she? Did you get her from the farm?" He asked.

"391, straight from Lyle, would you like to see what we've done?"

"Well, I'll be... What a cool idea. You'll have to drive it on over to the office when you're done so the guys can see her."

He took the grand tour, we chatted for awhile and then he needed to be on his way.

I think I was glowing as much as I did when I had a new baby to show off.


HEATHER said...

Honey, I am addicted to your bus blog!!!!
I think the bus/conversion is quite possibly the coolest thing on earth!!!

gbmom2407 said...

LOVE THE NEW LOOK! Thanks for being willing to help...dang dentist! I have someone else taking all four. I APPRECIATE YOU. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I will call you later this week and let you know how everything went.
Happy day!