Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cuz it's MY blog

We never did get school underway yesterday. We digested the news. We watched video tributes on YouTube, we ordered Chinese food for lunch, we watched an episode of The Waltons, and then we settled in to watch the press conference. And ya know what? We feel better.

The press conference made me remember it's just a game and I love the way Thompson summed up one reporters insistings that they "Try to talk him out of it."... Don't be silly, he's a 38 year old man, I think he has a right to make his own decisions. Not his exact words, but that was the gist of it.

But still...we can remember how he made us feel...and I can write about it because it's MY blog!

Just a few more, and then I'll move on.

It was January 1997, the team had just returned to Green Bay from New Orleans, their buses were diverted through our small downtown for a victory parade before heading to a special celebration for fans to be held at Lambeau Field. Matt, me, and the two kids were among the thousands who waited on the streets of downtown. It was cold, and it was hours...we could see the buses just a few blocks away moving slower than a snails pace. The windows on the city buses had been removed to allow for players to reach out to the crowd and vise versa. Reggie White sat in the firetruck heading the procession holding the Lombardi Trophy. We stood on the drawbridge and waited. H&H were 4 and 5 at the time and didn't quite get it. They wanted to go home. I kept telling them to remember this...remember everything you may never happen again.

When the buses finally inched their way out of the congested downtown and started their way over the bridge we got our turn. They picked up speed so we had to run along side the buses with the kids on our shoulders so they could see inside. Desmond Howard shook Hailey's hand.

By the time they reached the stadium they were hours late. No one expected the turn out downtown to be so massive. I'm glad we didn't pay for seats.

Since, in those days, I rarely took pictures, I have only my memories (and now, my blog) to paint the picture of that day. Oh, and there used to be one at my Doctor's office of the buses downtown that I pointed out every time we went there, but I think they took it down now.

When I ask them about it now, they only remember what I've told them about being there, but they do remember the hot bath they took when we returned home.

I don't think the Packers could've done it with out Favre.

...And one final memory (maybe, it's MY blog)

The last play off game for us this year, our 4 year old was cuddled in my lap, after an amazing play by Donald Driver I whispered in his ear, "I should have named you Donald Driver." He reached back, touched my face and whispered back, "You should've named me Brett Favre."

Here are some of our favorite videos of Brett...Enjoy!

"I thought you hit harder than that!"

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