Thursday, March 13, 2008

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming...

There are 3 trucks in our area who salvage metal from the curb. I've seen their trailers piled high with washers, dryers, dishwashers, and exercise equipment. We even had one dedicated guy haul away a whole car from our curb. Actually, it was cut in pieces with a "saws all" and dragged to the curb. And actually, it took at least two trips (he went back for his buddies). As long as I'm being honest, it was actually two cars, two different times, two different scavengers.

Lovely, I know.

Imagine, if you will, our poor new neighbor. Moving into her first house, full of plans for the future for herself and her little son, when to her horror, across the street, she sees a gang of kids dragging a quarter of a car through the front yard. Not her yard thank goodness, but still...

Don't confuse this new neighbor with this new neighbor.

Our neighborhood is going through a transformation. The older folks are moving up north to the house they've been building for years, or moving on to Assisted Living. A new younger generation is settling here filling the void. It's been young families buying their first houses and staying on until they can afford to build, or move on because of a better school elsewhere. I miss the grandparents, the kind of people who praised and corrected their kids as well as the neighborhood kids (and it was acceptable), the generation who had time chat across the fence, the neighbors who had time to get to know their neighbors. We have one set left, I hope they never move. With this latest influx I'm afraid all they'll ever know about us is what they see through their windows. I think they would definitely benefit from an explanation. I'll make that my goal for summer. Explain my family (BE the kind of neighbor that I admire so.)

Anyway, back to the metal scavengers. I call them that because I'm sure they don't use all the stuff they collect. I'm sure they haul it to the recycling station for cash. Matt, on the other hand, has been looking for metal to USE, specifically, metal bed frames (ie angle iron). We're what I would classify as salvagers.

One day last month as I was on my way to the grocery store I spotted a bed frame on the curb. I called Matt to tell him where it was and he said he'd check it out. Just as he was arriving on the scene a scavenger pulled around the corner, trailer and all. It wasn't even garbage day, what does he do keep that thing attached constantly?!? Matt said even though he was there first he felt his adrenaline rise as the truck slowed to see what was to be had. Matt got out of the van and picked up the bed frame, the scavenger gave him a knowing nod and drove away. Oh, the kinship.

I'll take pictures on the bus soon and show you what he's done with it as soon as it's light (and warmer).

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Jesusfreak said...

Oh, to be with 'one' with other scavangers. That really only makes sence with 'one with nature' but it sounded right in my head. I think it is time to go back to cleaning the livingroom.