Friday, March 14, 2008

On Bed Rails and Snow Piles

Anyone else have a huge case of spring fever? I went out to take pictures of the bus yesterday afternoon and it was so nice and warm... Like, 37! This week will be the first time all winter that we've been above freezing. As much as I liked the snow this year, I'm ready to see it gone.

So anyway, what I was talking about last time, this is what we are using the bed rails for. Reinforcements for the top bunks, because remember, they're going to do this:

And since that edge of the bunk is not attached to anything, they need to be stronger than just plywood.

We've also been working on the kitchen area. We bought another small refrigerator to go along with the one that we got out of the salvage yard.

We should be set on cold storage.

Matt gave orders for the driveway to be cleared of ice and snow before he left for work this morning which means...He's gonna work on the bus this weekend!

I'll keep you informed.


Barbara Frank said...

Wow! It's coming along so all are going to have so much fun in that bus.

BTW, you'd better hope my dh doesn't get his way, because he wants more snow (can you believe it?)

Jesusfreak said...

Ok I thought I would read one more blog beofre I got back to teh livingroom, but now I saw the 'NEW' fridge in tehre and I think I should clean that first.

Now I don't know where to start up again., heck I ahve 2 more hours, plenty of time to do both and much more...remember, the kids are NOT here!!