Monday, March 17, 2008

Meeting of the Minds

We sat out on the bus this weekend and talked about important stuff. Like, which bunk is yours, which direction your head is going to be when you're sleeping and who wants to sit where. Very important stuff to be decided BEFORE you head out on your first trip.

The little guy thought he'd sleep right there on his seat. I told him that was reserved for visitors, we all have beds.

Sam thinks he should be the driver. I told him he has to be taller.
Griffin claimed his spot on the top bunk.

But only after he was satisfied with it's sturdiness.
Matt has been adding the little finishing details on the bunk room. A nice soft cornered plank of wood to cover the metal bed rail used as support and the bead board to cover the storage box under the bottom bunk.
He also built a box that sits next to where the new door will be. I envision people putting their shoes there upon entering. We'll see, we're not known for being neat with our shoes.
Next on the list. Electrical. That's why we needed to know where our heads would be. We are all having our own reading lights. We decided where the outlets would be and how many overhead lights we'd have. Almost everything will run on 12 volts, (car batteries) but we will have a few 120 volt outlets that we can use for the more powerful things like the air conditioner and, of course, my skillet always makes better pancakes when it's got lots of power.

My job for this week will be window coverings. Planning them, not actually making them. I have an idea but I've got to price a few things. I was also thinking of making curtains for each persons bunk. Because on a long trips, I think everyone will want to have their own place to escape to...

...And metal bars might be overkill... What do you think?


Anonymous said...

That man of yours is very handy!

Jesusfreak said...

Metal are are overkill for the people looking in!!

By teh way teh picture iwth everyone (but you) is a perfect Christmas card.

Just have them go to teh blog to get it. But very nice!1