Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter...

I read blogs.

I have an "Everyday blogs" folder, a "Monday blogs" folder and a folder named "Blogs to explore".

I think the blogs you read say a lot about you or who you want to be.

Most of my Everyday blogs are written from places where spring has already sprung. They have their gardens planted and their summer clothes out of storage. I'm envious of the way they can shoo their kids out the door without still needing layers and boots and snowpants and mittens and hats.

We woke up to another blanket of snowy white wonder. I'm trying to love it, but, I have to admit, I'm ready for a new color. Green. Let's skip right over the muddy brown this year and jump right to green. That just might happen if it keeps up like this.

If you love snow, read my blog everyday. If you love green, read my blog everyday.
I'll even let you read if you like muddy brown.

And by all means, let me know which is your favorite and why...

1 comment:

Jesusfreak said...

hmmm,Love Fall with the toasty fires (we don't though, not fire pit no fire place), love winter (got married Dec 28 1990) What a wonderful World. Love spring with the rain and fresh smell (better if no thunder and lightning, kids lvoe to play in rain) and summer, all that swimming and flowers and veggies (fresh veggies). Oh did I ahve to pick only one? See the heat always passes, the rain always passes, the snow does go away, and maybe someday a fire pit, not here though Landlords won't allow it.