Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day One

Saturday, October 27, 2007

When our 2nd youngest woke up on Saturday morning he asked if we could do read alouds on the bus. I told him it was the weekend and there would be no school today, but if he wanted, he could take his blanket and books to the bus.

Soon the whole family, plus a friend who had stayed over night, was aboard. I sat in the cockpit and figured out what all the buttons were for, turned on the radio, played with the strobe light on top, learned to swing out the stop sign and blink the lights. Our neighbors on the driveway side momentarily opened their bedroom shades. I’ll have to make it a point to meet them one of these days. But definitely NOT at 7a.m. on a Saturday.

Then the boys went to work. They stripped off the padding and vinyl off the seats.

And piled it on the curb.

Then came the labor intensive job of cutting all the heads off the corroded bolts and removing the metal frames.

Which they piled in the garage.

They found wonderful things hidden inside and underneath those seats. A Gameboy game owned by A.M.W. , an owl charm (which I think we’ll keep), various wrappers, some empty, some not, a few ziplocks with leftovers still inside, and to date - $.38!

Everyone took their turn
with the power tools.

Some in a more productive way
than others. The cut off bolts
needed to be pushed through the
floor of the bus and out the bottom.

Matt ran out of cutting wheels with only 2 seats to go!
I guess it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. The clean up begins.
Good Night Errabundus.

Good Night Junk pile.

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