Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It's been an absolutely beautiful winter! If it's gotta be cold, we might as well have snow, and lots of it.

Since we have exactly 2 hills in town appropriate for sledding, the dangers involved in sledding on this particular hill,

and the fact that we don't always have time go sledding my kids have found a way to entertain themselves at home.

They discovered last year that the deck stairs make a fairly decent sledding slope. This year they added their own special touch, as only siblings can do. A way to wrestle, tease, annoy, and compete has been added to the simple activity of sledding.

We do take them to REAL sledding. Honest. WITH friends too.

But I guess, the same stuff happens there.

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Jesusfreak said...

Bummer with active X being blocked or somthing, missing pictures in blog. I hope I rememebr to come back once that is reconciled