Friday, January 4, 2008

Cracking the whip

This is the year! Finally, I will stay organized.

"How can you be so sure?" ask the hoards of friends and family who have watched me organize and fall apart time and time again.

Well, this year, I have a blog. I have proof that I took the time to organize. Anyone who dares to jeopardize my organization attempts will be referred to the blog as proof that I can do it and pictures of how it needs to stay.

"Clear the table" I'll say.

"But I don't know where to put all that stuff." I'll hear.

"Check the blog" I'll say.

I started small. School supplies go here.
A drawer for pens and pencils.
A drawer for colored pencils.
A drawer for crayons.
A drawer for markers.
A drawer for Sharpies and dry erase markers.
A drawer for scissors, glue and miscellaneous things.


I worked for the first day. Then I found pencils in the marker drawer, glue in the crayon drawer.

Woodworkers Depot. Brass label holders. $1.69/piece. Clearly labeled.

No more excuses. Violators will be exposed. Here. Check back often.

1 comment:

Jesusfreak said...

can I borrow your whip? I mean labeler? Or just a permant marker